How to protect yourself from clicking: methods to combat click fraud

How to protect yourself from clicking: methods to combat click fraud

A recent study in the field of work and website promotion showed that one out of five clicks on targeting ads is made by abusers. Every day aclick-fraud bot makes rounds of money from other people's advertising campaigns. 


Click fraud for contextual advertising is often used by competing companies that work in the same field. The owners of web resources are also engaged in such fraudulent activities, on which the advertisement is placed. So, they can earn money for each click. To protect yourself from click fraud, you need to understand where the malicious traffic comes from and what are the effective methods to combat click fraud.

Competitor ads click fraud - what is it

Users who are just starting out on the web and are not yet familiar with the processes and terms often do not know what click fraud is.


Ad clicking or click fraud are targeted, multiple visits and clicks on advertisements in contextual advertising. As a result, click fraud of direct ads greatly increases the consumption of the budget, previously made by the advertiser. And in the near future, it will cause the competitor to disappear from the search engine. 


It is easy to understand that the contextual advertising and the site itself have been subjected to click fraud:


  1. A sudden, unexpected increase in the number of clicks on the ad;

  2. Unchanged IP address from which multiple clicks are made;

  3. Visitors who were not sent cookies were found;

  4. Unclear increase in click-through rates CTR, a clear indicator that the click fraud service is being used.


In most cases, competitors who want to fully lure the target audience to their site decide to order the ads clicking. However, there are also unscrupulous owners of online ad resources that use click-fraud advertising programs when the cost of attracting visitors is higher than the amount the owners receive for publishing advertising content on the site.


Professional clickers can greatly reduce the duration of the published competitive advertising through google ads clicking, receiving the amounts designated by the customer. The major popular search engines Google, Yandex, Yahho and Bing have their own developed methods to combat click-fraud by blocking the expenditure of money on such transitions and clicks.

How to protect yourself from clicking in Yandex.Direct

Yandex protection system operates on a multi-stage technology, where several filtering tools are involved. Automated filters independently scan twenty criteria, taking into account the weight coefficients of links. Clicking Yandex Direct advertising will be impossible because of the protection system of the search engine. In other words, when a user goes to the link to the advertised resource, the value of the initially set values will be recalculated. If the system suspects click fraud bot, the coefficients of its characteristics will be removed from the statistics, and the result will not be included in the advertiser's account. 


To find out the number of clicks performed via contextual advertising clicking during the last twenty-four hours or during the whole campaign period, it is necessary to study the "Statistics by day" or "General statistics" reports. To prevent the click fraud service from working, a specialist who is engaged in setting up Yandex.Direct can connect special options:


  • Ban sites. Ads will not be shown on sites that cooperate with the search engine and in the advertising network of the searchengine. The maximum value of the list of blocked sites will reach 1000.

  • Display ban by IP-address. All content will be blocked for those internet users who match or are similar to suspicious IP addresses. In other words, for those who have decided to click on competitors’ advertisements order. So, all clicks and transitions from such devices will not be counted by statistics. The amount of advertising budget paid by the advertiser will be saved. The maximum number of IP addresses is 25.


It is important to understand that with each passing day, it becomes more and more difficult to track the click fraud service, as it uses different IP addresses and copies the behavior of the average user on the site as much as possible. Bots have their own cache and browser history. They can be registered and even leave an application.

How to protect yourself from being clicked on Google AdWords

Google's security system is capable of detecting google ad clicks and unscrupulous clicks that cause a lost recruited and potential audience. In this case, the advertiser does not make a profit. In the process of recognizing click-fraud, the search engine Google starts scanning the period, IP-address, double clicks and other parameters. 


The tools used by AdWords have a clear division:


  1. Filters: suspicious clicks and a click fraud bot are filtered out by automatic algorithms before they are redirected to statistics. The program monitors all clicks on controlled contextual advertising, blocking clicks from suspicious unreliable sources. It also detects the invalidity of link clicks.

  2. Autonomous analysis: carried out manually or through the mechanical operation of special mechanisms to manage the operation of the AdSense network and the establishment of the advertisements clicking.

  3. Investigation: Conducted by Google employees if there are serious incidents. For example, if the entire amount of the advertising budget is spent in the shortest possible time, and the advertiser was left without the planned result and profit.


Click fraud bot download can any new business to quickly bring your site to the top, overlapping competitors in a similar area.

Additional ways to protect against advertising click fraud

There are several methods of effectively combating contextual advertising clicks. Ads click fraud is a serious problem that requires a serious approach:


  1. Optimization of the advertisement. Advertising with motivation to action will be more effective than ads from the top positions of search results. According to statistics, ordinary users choose ads with informative content.

  2. Managing the advertising budget. If the money you paid ends much earlier than usual, you should pay attention to this. Such an action means that someone has decided to google adwords ads clicking to order. 

  3. Safe advertising platforms. You should not advertise products or services on sites whose owners want to get big profits by any means. To avoid click fraud, it is important to choose proven resources with an image and high popularity among users.


If you find the contextual advertising clicking, you can also use a simple and accessible tool: to complain to the support service of the search engine you are using.