Conclusion to the top for keywords in search engines.
To promote sites on Google
Conclusion of the site to the TOP or lowering positions in the search engine results!
With the help of this software, you can make both lowering competitors in search engine results and promoting your site in search engines in the TOP.
In the process of pessimizing sites, laws are not violated, everything happens without hacks, quietly and accurately . A quick and effective way to get rid of an annoying competitor.
- stable traffic to the site 24/7
- unique algorithms for simulating user behavioral factors on sites, incredibly human scrolling of pages and filling out forms
- traffic makes transitions to different pages of the site
- traffic comes from search engines based on your site's requests, which guarantees the growth of positions
- flexible settings feed traffic
and much, much more!
Watch a video review of the software below!
Check on your ad - this will give you the opportunity to be 100% sure that everything works perfectly. Free test for 3 days (72 hours)!

+1000 Fingerprints (Browser Fingerprint) for your tests.

1000 Fingerprints - you can make up to 1000 clicks on ads.

You will only need to buy mobile proxies! We recommend a service for Russia/Ukraine/Belarus, where you can rent a proxy for 400 rubles per month with an IP change every 2 minutes! With the help of 1 proxy, you can make 500-600 clicks per day!

Don't confuse with IPv4/IPv6/Resident proxies etc. Our program works for them, but Google may not count clicks! Therefore, we always advise you to work only on mobile proxies!

We recommend buying 5 proxies, this is 2500-3000 clicks per day, per month - you can calculate for yourself ...

The program can use an unlimited number of threads.

Flexible settings for simulating actions in a real user's browser!

License for the program "GoogleCheat"

1 month +50.000 Browser Fingerprint - $299

3 months +150.000 Browser Fingerprint - $599

6 months +300.000 Browser Fingerprint - $799

Perpetual license +1.000.000 Browser Fingerprint - 1299$

Buy Browser Fingerprint 10.000 - 10$

License and test of the program only through telegrams
(in order not to fall for fakes, click on the icon)

1. Write to us at the contacts indicated above, and after receiving the login and password, we perform the second step!

2. Download the program (write to us in telegram, we will send the program).

3. Unpack the archive with the software.

4. Open it, find the file "GoogleCheat" and, by pressing the right mouse button, run it as ADMINISTRATOR (this is mandatory !!!)
4.1 The application may not start, in which case you need to turn off the antivirus! Also, some antiviruses may consider the program dangerous, so you need to make an exception for them!
4.2 The program may request access to Google Chrome and some other access for safe and stable operation - you need to give all permissions!

5. After you enter the program, you need to specify the path to the "File with keywords" file. Create a .txt file on your device and enter a list of keywords that the software will use! We write only in a column.
Buy an apartment Buy an apartment
in Moscow
News in Moscow
Cheaply buy housing, etc.

6. Specify the path to the file "Domain and number of clicks for it". Create a .txt file on your device, and enter the list of domains and the number of clicks there (without spaces !!!).

7. Captcha solving service - since we will use only mobile proxies, we will not need it, you can write a few random letters instead of the key.

8. Choose a proxy format, choose a file with a list of proxies! Create a .txt file on your device and add a list of proxies there.

If you added 1 proxy, then in the program settings select 1 stream, if 5 proxies - then 5 streams! 1 click cycle can be either 10 seconds or 5 minutes, you set it yourself in the program, but we recommend 1 cycle - about 1 minute!

Fast and effective way to get your site to the top with the keywords in Google

A business website will only be a full-fledged asset if you give it some serious traffic. This requires a lot of resources, as the page needs to be brought to the top of Google in order to monetize traffic. For such a method, ads clicking  will not work, as it is designed for a more short-term effectiveness.  

Bringing a local online store or site to the top on Google by keywords requires individual attention. For this, it is important to provide in-depth expertise and a targeted SEO approach.

What are the keys to getting a site to the top?

Keys, also known as "search terms" and "keywords" are words that a user enters into a search engine bar. The totality of such keys makes up the semantic core of the site. This is not click fraud , where competitors' ads clicking  creates a kind of vacuum that absorbs a competitor's targeting strategy. Keywords help users find a particular resource at the top of the Google search engine.

The semantic core and the correctness of the keywords for the content predetermines the effectiveness of the optimization and SEO promotion of the site.

Bringing the site to the top by keywords on Google

Bringing the site to the top by keywords in Google is a strategy that involves certain actions:

  1. Analyze the competitors. It makes it possible to recreate the desired scheme for the promotion of the site on a particular topic.
  2. Compare the content of competitors. Comparison of texts on the desired topic on the page of competitors, which already ranks at the top of the search engine.
  3. Correcting/adding new texts to the site.  The creation of relevant thematic content with key queries gives a longer effect than if you order click fraud .
  4. Bringing the site to the top by keywords takes place after optimization. The keywords give better results than click fraud of competitors' ads .

Types of keywords to get your site to the top

Keywords are the kinds of search terms that users enter to find the services, information or goods they need. Keys are divided into three types:

  1. High-frequency;
  2. Medium-frequency;
  3. Low-frequency.

Key frequency is a measure of how often a particular query is entered into the Google search box. The more often users search for a particular word or phrase, the higher is the index. Clicking ads google adwords order  gives a completely different effect.

However, the frequency has different rates for different areas. In other words, if the word with the number of shows 4000 will be high-frequency in one area, in the other such an indicator has low-frequency queries.

What should be the keys to bring the site to the top of Google

An effective way to display the site on the top by keywords is the proper selection of appropriate words or phrases. Keys should fit the standard requirements:

Clicking contextual ads  of competitors will help strengthen the overall effectiveness of the finding of your own site in the top search engine.