Promoting videos in YouTube recommendations
To promote your videos on YouTube
Bringing your videos to the top by key queries on YouTube!
With the help of this software, you can make both the reduction of competitors in the YouTube ranking, and the promotion of your video in the top.

The laws are not broken during the pessimization of sites, everything happens without hacks, quietly and accurately . It is a fast and efficient way to promote your video to the top.
  • Stable video views 24/7
  • Unique algorithms of imitation of user behavior factors when watching YouTube.
  • Traffic comes from search queries based on your video, which guarantees the growth of positions.
  • Flexible viewing time setting
    and much, much more!
Test it on your video - it will give you the opportunity to be 100% sure that everything works perfectly. Free test for 3 days (72 hours)!

+1000 Fingerprints (Browser Fingerprint) for your tests.

1000 Fingerprints - you can make up to 1000 clicks on ads.

You will only need to buy mobile proxies! We recommend a service for Russia/Ukraine/Belarus, where you can rent a proxy for 400 rubles per month with an IP change every 2 minutes! With the help of 1 proxy, you can make 500-600 clicks per day!

Don't confuse with IPv4/IPv6/Resident proxies etc. Our program works for them, but Google may not count clicks! Therefore, we always advise you to work only on mobile proxies!

We recommend buying 5 proxies, it means about 1000 views per day, you can count it yourself for a month...

The program can use an unlimited number of streams. It depends on the capacity of the machine

YouTubeWalker software license

1 month +50.000 Browser Fingerprint - $299

3 months +150.000 Browser Fingerprint - $599

6 months +300.000 Browser Fingerprint - $799

Perpetual license +1.000.000 Browser Fingerprint - 1299$

Buy Browser Fingerprint 10.000 - 10$

License and test of the program only through telegrams
(in order not to fall for fakes, click on the icon)

1. Write to us on contacts specified above, and after receiving a login and password, do the second step!

2. Download the program ( write to us in Telegram, we will send you the program).

3. Unpack the archive with the software.

4. Open it, find the file "YouTubeWalker" and by pressing the right mouse button, run it on behalf of the ADMINISTRATOR (it is obligatory!!!)

4.1 The application may not start, in that case, you need to disable antivirus! In addition, some antiviruses may consider the program dangerous, so you have to make an exception for them!

4.2 The program may ask for access to Google Chrome and some other accesses for safe and stable work - you need to give all the permissions!

If you added 1 proxy, then choose 1 stream in the program settings, if 5 proxies - then 5 streams! 1 video view can be either 10 seconds or 5 minutes, you set it yourself in the program.

Quick and effective way to bring the video to the top by keys.

If you added 1 proxy, then in the program settings select 1 stream, if 5 proxies - then 5 streams! 1 click cycle can be either 10 seconds or 5 minutes, you set it yourself in the program, but we recommend 1 cycle - about 1 minute!