The most popular and easy to use services of advertisements clicks

The most popular and easy to use services of advertisements clicks

In this short review we will talk about services that will help you quickly get ahead of your competitors in contextual advertising. There is a very simple way to do this: it is enough to click on the link many times. As a result, the competitor will waste the advertising budget. 

By using special services, the passage to the advertiser's site is simulated. Bots and specialized software are created for this simulation. In some cases, it may indeed be very difficult for the system to unmask such a scheme. 

Google Ads Clicker

This program creates several bots with different IP addresses. It's very difficult to recognize that these are not the real target audience, but bots, because they look like interested users. . 

The bot imitates human behavior on the site, doing all the same things that visitors do:

  1. If an advertisement for clickable sites is found, the bot clicks on the link and then goes to a competing page. 

  2. The bot always makes all the mouse movements in a chaotic way, with different time intervals, as if it was looking for something and analyzing the information. It's pretty hard to understand that it's not actually a person making the transition. So, it counts as a real click, but no conversion. 

  3. If there are several sites, the robot returns to the page of the search engine, without giving rise to suspicions of fraud. In general, this is exactly how a person looking for information behaves.


It specializes in advertising fraud. It has a complex encryption system, so it became known only 5 years after its appearance. The bot is :

  • install pirated software;

  • search on Google.

It was actively used in Eastern Europe for a long time, but was later discovered far beyond its borders.


The software is both for SEO-promotion and competitors' contextual advertising clicking. Automated system of clicks works effectively as in the most popular search engines Google and Yandex, as well as in the less known.

In addition, this software has the ability to downgrade competitors in search results.


  • unique imitation of user behavior on the site;

  • the program performs transitions on many pages;

  • flexible settings;

  • unlimited number of threads;

  • the most simple work with the software.

It is this program that is most suitable if you want to promote yourself with SEO and have no equal in contextual advertising. The easiest way to eliminate competitors and not be detected is Googlewalker

In a highly competitive environment, it's hard enough to do without clicking at all. Of course, it all depends on the niche. Click fraud is only effective when the system assumes that clicks are made by real users.

Most often, competitors use services for click fraud. But there are situations when the owners of online advertising platforms use them to increase their income. 

Click fraud cannot be called an unequivocally positive phenomenon. However, in the long run, you still have to make an attractive ad, having previously studied the niche and competitors. This gives a good effect and allows you to play fair. And fair play by itself already serves as a good advertisement for the business. It is up to each one to decide whether to use such software. This scheme is based on deception. And the person who chooses such a not entirely honest way of promotion is responsible for this, while bypassing the competitors really legal ways. It is just a lot of work and a certain financial investment in the business, which will quickly pay off.