How to increase the click-through rate

How to increase the click-through rate

Anyone who has decided to run a Google Ads campaign dreams of the fastest and most satisfying results. Unfortunately, this is sometimes not the case in reality, and it may turn out that a particular type of advertising does not bring the expected results. In such a situation, significant changes are inevitable. 

Keyword analysis

The most important parameter which evaluates the relevance of a Google Ads campaign is the CTR figure, also known as the click-through rate. Its purpose is to indicate how many people actually click on the ad and move on to see the products or services offered. It is safe to say that it is an easy way to assess whether Google Ads campaigns are effective in encouraging potential customers to click. What to do if its result is different than expected? First of all, you need to analyze the keywords again, only with a strong emphasis on negative phrases. Advertising should be a kind of pointer for the recipient, showing that you will find a solution to his problem or an opportunity to meet his needs. With the right keywords in place, the next step is to create advertising content if you decide on a text campaign. A catchy headline and valuable text that stands you out from the competitors is the key to your customers' hearts.

High click-through rates

Google Ads campaigns are very flexible. This means that advertisers can easily target them to a specific location and target group. This aspect should also be carefully analyzed. It happens that some terms are searched for at certain times or days. We are talking here mostly about seasonal productions. Get to know your audience and check when the advertisement presentation will be the most profitable. And going back to keyword analysis, do not forget to avoid overly generic terms. The user will click in where he gets clear information about what he's going to find on the site. If your CTR is much lower, check how your competitors are advertising, as recipients choose them much more readily. By doing this, you can see what you need to improve, as well as draw inspiration for what else you can do better. The most important thing in running Google Ads campaigns is to regularly track results. 

Rules for successful advertising

Be prepared to spend time on Google Ads. It takes time to learn the ins and outs of this platform, so you need to be engaged and ready to learn. Be prepared for competition. Google AdWords has many advertisers, so if you need to attract new customers via your ads, you should consider investing in Google Ads now, before the competition gets even more intense. 

There are more and more competitors online every day. And competitors clicking on google ads can make your advertisements irrelevant and lead to a loss of funds. 

There's no guarantee that spending your Google Advertising budget on its own will increase sales or leads, but if it is done right, it can be an effective way to attract customers without having to work overtime or hire additional salespeople. Don't just think about how much revenue this new business can bring in - think about how much money and time you can save by outsourcing some of the work.

Create your landing page and conversion funnel.

If a visitor comes to your site, he wants to know what you can do for him. You need to design your landing page and conversion funnel carefully, because that's where it all starts.

Keyword importance

You need to carefully research keywords that are relevant to the business. They are the foundation of any good Google Ads campaign.

A keyword is a word or phrase that people use to search for products and services on Google. Keywords help find customers who are searching for products or services. That's why it's important to use the right words when creating your ad group. That way users will be able to see the ad much more often. But it can also happen that competitors click adwords if the advertisement is in the first positions. 

The more targeted the keywords, the better the ad will work. 

The ad's presentation

Minus-words should be added so that irrelevant clients don't click on the ad. Minus-words are words for which the advertiser doesn't want the ad to appear. For example, if the store sells snowboards, the ad won't show up for the request "skis." Also, you can add minus-words to Google Ads or use the tool's built-in offers.

The user should make sure that the landing page of the website matches the search request (the word or phrase people were looking for). If someone is looking for "ski boots" and the site has a page about snowboard accessories, they might get confused and go from your site without a conversion.

It is necessary to write a text ad with the maximum click-through rate, but do not exaggerate with the advertising offer.

The headline should be short and catchy, and the description should be concise and clear. A strong call to action is important, and over-selling and jargon should also be avoided.

After setting up your context advertising, the next step is to run your ads. Once they are launched, it is important to monitor its effectiveness and make adjustments if necessary.

Google Ads provides real-time data on how much an ad costs (budget), how many people saw each ad (views) and how many clicks were made on that ad (clicks). This data can help understand if the ads are effective in attracting traffic that converts into sales for the business. If an ad isn't working well enough, you can always pause it or even stop showing it all together until you are ready to try something new.

If one ad type is performing better than another, Google gives advertisers the option to change their strategy for bidding to one that has a higher probability of showing those ad types more often than others in our campaigns, without affecting budget allocation across all campaigns run under the account.

Customer service

Great customer service will increase client satisfaction, so never economize on customer service.

Client service is the most important part of doing business in today's world. You should worry not only about how to click competitors adwords, customer interaction also plays a very important role. 

So, what does great customer service look like? It means that when someone contacts you, whether on social media, by phone or email (or even in person), he gets a quick response from a knowledgeable person who can help him with his problem or concern. It also means that when there is a problem with a product or service and it can be fixed quickly and easily, that's exactly what happens! Even if the problem is not under control, you need to find ways within your capabilities (such as offering free shipping) to make the customer feel that he gets something of value for his problems, rather than being ignored. Because there could always be another salesperson who cares more than you do and it could happen at any time, which is why people change brands quickly these days.

Know your competitors' projects

Google Ads offers provide a unique opportunity to compare your offer with those of your competitors. It's the easiest way to determine if you're proposing the right product or service at the right price. In addition, you can always use this comparison as a benchmark for future optimization of your marketing strategy.

An advertiser can compare Google Ads offers with marketing promotions and other online channels (social media, review sites) to see if they work better than Google Ads and what changes should be made to improve them.

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