Click fraud: What is it?
What is click fraud: salvation from the competitors 
An effective method of bringing a business to a high level is the sale of goods and services through the Internet on your own site. However, such an area has very tough competition. A new company will have to face the targeting of competitive business advertising. Such advertising attracts an audience to a third-party site, which means it must be dealt with by using the click fraud bot.
Click fraud on competitors' ads is an additional way to reduce the attention of users from a competing resource. Such a technique allows you to effectively and quickly underestimate the benefits of an advertising campaign that was launched by another firm. Order click fraud is a considerable waste of your competitor's advertising budget and a real opportunity to bring your own site to the top of the search engine.
Click fraud: What is it?
Click Fraud or clickfraud literally translates as "fraudulent clicking". Click fraud is a deceptive system in search advertising, where payment is completely dependent on the number of clicks on links. Special programs of click fraud advertising provide a sharp transition to a competing site by strangers, webmasters or competitors of the advertiser. Ad clicking helps you make a profit from the links you clicked and make your competitor waste your considerable budget on a successful online advertising campaign.
The simplest and most straightforward analogy is the flyer example. Advertisement clicking service serves as a bully or disgruntled person who simply tears down or takes away all the flyers, so they do not have time to reach real potential customers. To order, create and distribute a new batch of flyers, you will have to spend time and a lot of money.
In any case, the google adwords ads clicking order is to provide competitors a really unpleasant problem, which, in addition, will greatly demotivate advertisers and his team of marketing experts. Contextual advertising click fraud can not just increase the competitor's business strategy costs, but in addition distorts analytical data. 
Analytical data is necessary to make timely adjustments to the direction of a campaign. They play an important role when doing business on the Internet, and any click fraud can do significant harm.
How to recognize the signs of click-fraud
It is quite easy to recognize the ads clicking on the page of the site, where there is a configured targeting contextual advertising. It is impossible to miss or not notice, as there are a number of certain signs:
  • The emergence of a large number of conversions made from a single IP-address;

  • The appearance of a large number of visitors who leave the site too quickly;

  • The appearance of a large number of clicks to the site of a particular partner;

  • Reduction in the level of conversion with an increase in the number of clicks;

  • A significant increase in the number of clicks for all the key phrases and words.

Clicking ads: types
  • Technical clicks. Performed by a special system, the purpose of which is to enter the page for its indexing (to recalculate all pages on the site to include them in the database for the search). Thus, the bot goes to links from the home page and conducts a similar procedure for all advertisements on the site, including contextual ads. The contextual advertising system determines rather quickly the technical clicks and does not take them into account.

  • Advertiser clicks. Advertisers themselves can create clicks to increase their own CTR. This is necessary to reduce the price of advertising. In other words, after the increase of CTR, the price of the click will be lower. In this case, only one click from one IP-address will be counted.

  • Clicks of competitors. A clear targeting clicking of advertisements yandex direct or other company ads competitors. A competitor's budget for contextual advertising will be spent in vain. Such clicks are monitored by contextual advertising systems and not taken into account. But in practice, click fraud order means to get rid of competitive advertising.

Popular search engines are taking all sorts of measures to combat and eliminate click-fraud in order to get ads without clicks. However, there are still no tangible results in this direction. The only feature that is actively used by search engines to combat click-fraud is the possibility of adding a blacklist of IP-addresses, from which the clicks come. Competitor ads clicking to buy will help stop annoying competitive ads for a long time and bring your site to the top in popularity among your target audience.
Why does competitor advertising clicking work
At the time of the creation of contextual targeting advertising, the customer is determined with the budget that he is ready to allocate for promotion. In this case, the payment will be calculated on the number of clicks on the popup ad.  In this way, mechanical tweaked clicks through the click fraud ad service will very quickly waste a certain competitor's budget, without bringing the effect.
In general, contextual advertising click fraud provides an opportunity to:
  • Completely waste a competitor's budget in a short period of time;

  • Remove a competitor's targeting advertising, leaving the business with no chance of results;

  • Develop and bring your own business to the top in a short time due to the competitor's failure.

One of the frequent choices of users when creating a website for a business on the web and connecting contextual advertising are the search platforms Google, Yandex, Yahoo or Bingo. Google's click fraud advertising promotes the site quickly and brings it to the top.
Advantages of click fraud
Before you order the ads click fraud, you should also simultaneously engage in launching your own contextual advertising targeting. Failure of competitors will help in the short term to get ahead, reaching the right target audience and increase brand awareness and credibility.
Clicking ads allows you to lure existing and potential customers to your business page. This leads to more sales. Click fraud is a method that allows you to take leading positions for search queries.