Instructions on how to work with Google profiles through ProfilesInitializer
Hello ! You need a profile initializer to work with our applications on YouTube, click ads, behavioral factors boosting. You can get it here.

In fact, it is an application that prepares profiles for further work.

It needs:

  • It is recommended to get Google accounts here.
  • Fingerprints
  • Proxy

1) Download the archive, unpack it into a separate folder, run it with the "Administrator" (right-click, launch with the Administrator).

2) Enter your login and password, you can get them here.

1) Profiles directory
You have to create a folder where the profiles will be saved and select it.
2) Authorize google accounts (Whether to log in to google account in the profile or not)
3) The file with accounts, login:password format (the example will be send you with the program)
4) Proxy, it is desirable to use a mobile proxy or resident ones.
  • autorotation ( rotation by time)
  • By the link
5) Fingerprint directory (unpacked archive of fingerprints is given by us during the test or when purchasing a license)
6) Warming up profiles
Domains on which the software will accumulate cookies ( you can add a competitor)